The Daytona collection, with its sheer elegance and pronounced style, takes its inspiration from the Decò design which was so popular in the 30’s.

The elements in the collection exude a sophisticated yet cosy style that brighten up formal, sumptuous settings in any home.

Shapes of a recent past which is appreciated throughout the world for its innovativeness and charm take on a more cosy feel with contemporary design shapes, making the collection an example of a modern classic style which is set to become a timeless choice amidst the changing trends.

Tao mirror from Daytona Collection by Signorini & Coco has a frame in solid maple with a cannetté design. Brushed gloss finish. Clear mirror. 

Mirror Tao

Product Code: Mirror Tao
Daytona - Signorini & Coco

Dimensions: L 200 x W 100
  • 2,600.00€

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