The masterful touch of an artisan’s hand is a key ingredient in the quality of each Medicea piece by Signorini & Coco.

This irreplaceable “tool” is the origin of beautifully elaborate inlays, amazing carvings, traditional dovetail joints, elegant painted decorations, beeswax polish, and hand applied gold-leafing.

Each artisan is a master of tradition, and each work is unique and unrepeatable.

Cabinet from Medicea Collection by Signorini & Coco, with handmade decoration, open shelves and extractable central unit.  

Cabinet Medicea 882

Product Code: Cabinet Medicea 882
Signorini & Coco

Dimensions: L 170 x W 53 x H 115
  • Cat. Finish: 11/A
  • 8,854.00€

  • All prices include VAT

Available within 60-70 days

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