The set includes either 2 pcs 067 X 140 and 1 pc 067 X 200, or 2 pcs 070 X 150 and 1 pc 070 X 220

LUXURY LEVEL 4: As its name indicates, in the sweet carpet, very soft threads have been used that impress and delight with their soft touch. It is specially designed for very intense daily use.

WEIGHT: Its total weight is approximately 2,100gr per square meter.

COMPOSITION: The composition of the Sweet carpet is 100% polyester.

PROCESSING: The processing is ideal, the threads are well laid and combined with their flexibility, resistance to the sinking of the pile is created and its volume is maintained over a long period of time.

STAIN RESISTANCE: The very good quality of the threads and their special treatment contribute to the durability and resistance of the carpet to all kinds of stains, which is why its maintenance is easy and inexpensive.

ANTI-STATIC-ANTIBACTERIAL PROTECTION: Static electricity does not develop, which is why lint, micro-particles and dust are not magnetized on the surface of the carpet. Antibacterial protection prevents the development of mite colonies for maximum health protection. Easy vacuuming.

VARIETY OF COLORS: The colors available in this grade are in lovely earthy and bold modern shades.

CERTIFICATION-SAFETY FOR HEALTH: Sweet carpets have been tested for their ecological orientation as well as for the absence of substances harmful to health and have been awarded with the certifications Gut, Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification, Blue Angel, TÜV PROFiCERT. When you get this carpet you enjoy the combined benefits of great aesthetics and safety in the living environment.

SUBSTRATE: In this carpet, the substrate of new technology and high density comfort backing has been placed. It is very durable, washable, impervious to micro-particles and dust, and leaves no residue on the floor from long-term use. 

Carpet Set Sweet 72 3p

Product Code: Σετ ταπέτα Sweet 72 3τμχ
Colore Colori

Dimensions: L 67 x W 480
  • Thickness of carpet: 15mm
  • Weight of carpet: 2.100 gr/m²
  • Composition: 100% Polyester
  • 132.00€

  • All prices include VAT

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