Giusti Portos unique pieces are handmade in Italy using the ancient art of forging iron.
The methods and techniques are strictly artisan and the pieces display a wealth of beauty and the quality craftsmanship of past times.

The workmanship is based on traditional skilled handcrafting. From forging and welding the iron, and carving the wood to brushing the brass. Traditional techniques are also used for the finishes: for example in the application of precious gold and silver leaf.
And to close this cycle of craftsmanship, decorations and antique finishes carried out with paintbrushes or pads: numerous types of finish can be chosen for the iron and wood which just like the floral paintings are carried out completely by hand.

Wooden bed with upholstered headboard panel, frame in mousse cake finish with pink glitter, cat. B, headboard and bed surround upholstered in Luce fabric with Silhouette embroidery, cat. B, feet in mousse cake finsih, cat. B

The price includes the orthopedic frame (for mattress 120 x 200)  and the side squares in the same color of the bed, category B. 

Bed Armony

Product Code: Bed Armony
Giusti Portos

Dimensions: L 165 x W 220 x H 154
  • 7,242.00€

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Available within 60-70 days

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