Handmade wooden Mirror, by Classic Collection from Andrea Fanfani, with Argento E Mecca Fondo Nero (Cat. B - L25) finish.    

Andrea Fanfani offers a dazzling selection of luxury mirrors, with every item handmade by the finest Italian artisans.
Our team of painters, carpenters and metal-workers can conjure up designs in every shape and form - so if you need a small bathroom mirror or a sweeping, large mirror for your ideal living room, our luxury mirror furniture will suit your needs.
We can create stunning gilded or silvered frames which are shaped into vines or flowers, creating a beautiful effect - or we can create simpler designs as well.
With the design skill that we possess, any variety of Italian mirror furniture is a possibility.  

Classic Mirror 3008/S

Product Code: Classic Mirror 3008/S
Andrea Fanfani

Dimensions: L 100 x W 114
  • Cat. Finish: Argento E Mecca Fondo Nero - Cat. B - L25
  • 1,451.00€

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