Forever collection features refined lines and beautiful lacquered finishes. Even its flirtatious name "Forever" suggests an idea of vibrancy and durability.

The collection's distinctive decorative and formal style is close to late 19th-century styles. Taking off from many directions, it embodies specific, significant elements like gentle, curved lines, refined frames and columns, on which a few lovely roses emerge, as if spontaneously.

In this style setting, every element is precious. The plastered lacquer is embellished in salient points with well-considered touches of silver and gold. This makes a truly beautiful room made of very sophisticated furnishing accessories with a genuinely regal look and feel.

Bed from Forever Collection by Signorini & Coco, with handmade decoration. Wooden frame and deep-buttoned padding.

The price includes the orthopedic frame of the bed.   

Bed Forever 9060

Product Code: Bed Forever 9060
Signorini & Coco

Dimensions: L 208 x W 145 x H 160
  • Mattress Size: 120 x 190 cm
  • Cat. Finish: 09/B
  • 3,450.00€

  • All prices include VAT

Available within 60-70 days

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