• Armchair Betty Luxury

The Daytona collection, with its sheer elegance and pronounced style, takes its inspiration from the Decò design which was so popular in the 30’s.

The elements in the collection exude a sophisticated yet cosy style that brightens up formal, sumptuous settings in any home.

Shapes of a recent past which is appreciated throughout the world for its innovativeness and charm take on a more cosy feel with contemporary design shapes, making the collection an example of a modern classic style which is set to become a timeless choice amidst the changing trends.

Betty Luxury armchair from Daytona Collection by Signorini & Coco, covered in multi-density rubber, upper layer in air soft, all-over surface layer of soft goose down. Backrest in structured but flexible material, making it one of a kind with grosgrain design. Seat with 6 cm elastic belts. 

Armchair Betty Luxury

Product Code: Armchair Betty Luxury
Daytona - Signorini & Coco

Dimensions: L 78 x W 74 x H 70
  • Fabric Category: Cat B
  • Leather Category: Cat A
  • 3,054.00€

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