• Imimasif polished Flooring Universal Winchester Plank

The price is reported per square meter and the order is given in packages with a package size of 1,58m²

Board size 14Χ1145Χ1820  

Iroko is a large hardwood tree off the west coast of tropical Africa. It is one of the woods that is sometimes referred to as African teak, although it is not related to the teak family. The color of the wood is initially yellow but darkens to a richer brown over time. Given the high prices of genuine Teak, Iroko could be considered a low-cost alternative. The wood is solid, durable and has an overall look that looks a bit like Teak.

The tree is quite large and can reach 160 feet in height. The tree is straight, cylindrical and can be clear of branches up to 80 feet.               

Iroko exhibits an extreme degree of discoloration with intense dark color from a bright golden color when freshly ground to a medium brown color once fully oxidized.

Iroko is very durable and is resistant to both rot and insect infestation.

Its texture is moderate with open pores and its shine is considered low.                             


Imimasif polished Flooring Universal Winchester Plank

Product Code: Ιμιμασίφ προγυαλισμένο Universal Winchester Plank

Dimensions: L 1,820 x W 145
  • Thickness: 14mm
  • Board dimensions: 14Χ145Χ1820
  • 76.88€

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