Handmade, full-body Gabba carpet from Mirzapur, in the area of the Holy Ganges River and the Benares Sacred City, with tradition in handmade, quality carpets. Made of extremely dense weave of fine hair from South Zealand, "worked" exclusively by the most talented and charismatic carpets in the region. The modern designs of these carpets are creations of the best from the local colleges with the designer's specialty, so as to exude the most modern trends in decoration. The treatments are environmentally friendly with the ethnic special finish of the area                                                                                                                                                                                               

Handmade Carpet Gabba 1089 147Χ204

Product Code: Χαλί Χειροποίητο Gabba 1089 147Χ204
Koulis Family

Dimensions: L 147 x W 204
  • Kategory: Gabba
  • Made in: Afganistan - Pakistan
  • Density (knots) / sq.m.: 250.000
  • Composition: Wool - Cotton
  • 505.00€

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