Handmade Ziggler carpet made in Peshawar, Pakistan, on the border with Afghanistan by Afghan artisans. The local name of these carpets in Afghanistan is different, while the international name was given by the Greek designer Ziegler. The wool is hand-rolled and its dyes are herbal. The final finish of the carpet is made with special petrolysis giving a special objective appearance.                                                                                                

Handmade Carpet Fashion Ziegler 2034 144X190

Product Code: Χαλί Χειροποίητο Fashion Ziegler 2034 144X190
Koulis Family

Dimensions: L 144 x W 190
  • Kategory: Ziegler
  • Origin: Afganistan - Pakistan
  • Density (knots) / sq.m.: 250.000 points/m²
  • Composition: Wool - Cotton
  • 618.00€

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