Handmade Bokhara rug with animal silk from Heiderabad and from Karachi. A carpet with a totally different quality of work, based on specially crafted production, with dense weaving. This production is unrelated to the corresponding trade & quality compromises. All finishing work & all treatments are environmentally friendly. It's a special production, the only one with real animal silk & not with some shiny synthetic yarn, in Heiderabad, Pakistan. The designs of this collection are authentic Caucasian in a performance with utmost respect for tradition. It is true that only the highly paid, gifted artisans do it. Both the hair and the animal silk used by these craftsmen for the creation of the collection come from a very careful sorting, exclusively and only of the best quality of these materials. So, we have a very remarkable handmade carpet, which is not the cheapest, compared to the similar ones on the market, but it is definitely of high art & superior aesthetics. A handmade carpet, with its special attentive production, gives a distinct luxury to the decoration of any such space.

Handmade Carpet Bokhara Silk 1022 140x185

Product Code: Χαλί Χειροποίητο Bokhara Silk 1022 140x185
Koulis Family

Dimensions: L 140 x W 185
  • Kategory: Bokhara Silk
  • Origin: Pakistan
  • Density (knots) / sq.m.: 380.000 points/m²
  • Composition: Wool - Cotton - Silk
  • 375.00€

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