400 Bonnell springs / Evocell massaging profile / multizone / hypoallergenic cover / height 23 cm

This is a hypoallergenic traditional spring mattress. It offers homogenous support and is available in a rigid orthopaedic version, or with medium rigidity in the classical version. Externally it features a hypoallergenic cover in thermal polyester fibres and Sanitized®  protection.   


Le molle in filo di acciaio tradizionali, con elementi singoli ben collegati gli uni agli altri, e il Box Spring perimetrale creano una struttura solida, a portanza omogenea. La comodità è assicurata dagli strati isolanti, dai profili in Evocell e dai rivestimenti esterni.


The traditional wire coil springs, comprised of individual elements firmly connected to one another, and the Box Spring perimeter create a solid structure that offers homogenous support. Comfort is ensured by layers of insulation, Evocell profiles and external covers.


The support offered by this mattress is homogenous, with a balanced spring structure across the entire body. The mattress is rendered softer and more comfortable by a profile in highly breathable expanded Evocell a foam.

Mattress Armonia Hypoallergenic

Product Code: Mattress Armonia Hypoallergenic

Dimensions: L 90 x W 200 x H 23
  • Molle: 400 Bonnell
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Cover: Anallergico Hypoallergenic
  • Level of comfort: Orthopaedic
  • 418.00€

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