The set includes: 2 pieces 067 X 140 and 067 X 200

The set includes Big: 2 pieces 070 X 150 and 070 X 220

RESISTANCE TO STAINS: The yarns are antilekiastiki protection and have properties such as not easily absorbed any kind of stain.
ANTISTATIC-ANTIBACTERIAL: There develops static electricity, so it is not magnetized lint, microparticles, and dust in the carpet surface. The antibacterial protection prevents mite colonies grow for maximum health protection.
VARIETY OF COLORS: This quality is able to dress your entire home as well as the color of the collection is enriched by not only fashionable shades ideal for children's rooms, and traditional tones suitable for other residential areas.CERTIFICATION OF SAFETY-HEALTH: The Thema have been tested for their greening and for the absence of harmful substances for health in accordance with the requirements of the German Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and the institute have been awarded certification 11.ITR.94219 the Hohenstein Institute. When you get this carpet to enjoy the combined advantages of wonderful aesthetics and safety in the living environment.

SUBSTRATE: By carpet substrate firmly knitted at the same making machine (textile), without additives and adhesives.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

PELOUS HEIGHT: 12mm. A modern machine carpet with vintage influences and a strong personality.
LUXURY GRADE 5: The thick fur and shiny yarns forming reliefs and abstract patterns on the carpet will give a vintage touch to your space. Weight: The total weight is about 2.570 gr per square meter.
SYNTHESIS: The synthesis of the carpet is 70% PP headset, 30% Polyester.

EDIT: The carpet has been woven with fine compact yarns, which are an ideal combination of pile height and dense weaving. The advanced technology applied to the processing of the fiber creates the memory to have the advantage of being restored to their original position, despite daily use ​​​​​​​                           

Carpet Set Ostia 5673-975 3p

Product Code: Σετ ταπέτα Ostia 5673-975 3τμχ
Colore Colori

  • Thickness of carpet: 12mm
  • Weight of carpet: 2150 gr/m²
  • Composition: PP. HS + PES
  • 145.00€

  • All prices include VAT

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