A substrate is much more than just something you put under the floor. A substrate is part of a fixed base, which can determine the floor's good performance in terms of acoustic properties and comfort, as well as add to the longevity of the floor.                                      

Even if it is not visible, it can still be felt and perceived through the added value it gives to the place where it is installed. Compared to synthetic materials, the natural properties of cork add unique benefits, performance, and comfort.

Installing the substrate is easy but extremely effective. The material is lightweight in weight but extremely durable.

Corking substrate reduces noise both inside and below the floor, in the case of the 2nd floor.

Cork substrates positively influence the floors in terms of their thermal insulation properties.                                     

The ability to absorb the whip is one of the great features of cork, which makes it much more comfortable and anatomical for walking.              

In addition to this, we must not ignore environmental sustainability. Cork is a 100% natural and recyclable raw material                                                                            

Cork Substrate for Meister

Product Code: Υπόστρωμα Φελλού για Meister
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  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Dimensions: 1,00m X 30m
  • Roll size: 30 sqm
  • Special features: Special for sound insulation
  • 120.00€

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