Set dining room Classic Day Capri Cristal - Volpi

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Innate charm

Romantic style as a vocation, enlivened by decorations and design comprising unique, all-wood pieces. A round table with a crystal top shines without glittering. Vanity is to be found in the ivory lacquering of the OLGA cupboard.

Art 1300: Round table crystal top CAPRI

Art 1372: Tall cabinet CAPRI/CC Finish P73 Cl. 4 + DC

Art 1310: Chair CAPRI/im

Art 1312: Armchair CAPRI/im Finish P73 Cl. 4 – Fabric cod. 775 – Cat. A

Art 1330: Sideboard OLGA Finish P71 Cl. 4 + DC

Art 3021: Mirror ANGELICA 120 x 140 Finish P71 Cl. 4

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