Set dining room Day Bolle - Volpi

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Original contemporary prints An array of different shapes, materials and processes of superior craftsmanship. The BOLLE sideboard will “colour” your dining room with bronze reflections and the elegance of walnut.

Art 1PAT-002-RFS TOLOMEO: Rectangular table with tapered legs W.68,9 D.43,31 H.31,1 in.

Art 1PRS-005-00S BALOON: Chair with tapered legs W.21,65 D.24,41 H.37,40 in.

Art 1PRS-006-00S RAMON: Chair with tapered legs W.25,20 D.21,65 H.35,43 in.

Art 2SMN-001-OBS BOLLA: Sideboard with tapered legs W.73,22 D.20,47 H.33,85 in.

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