Set bedroom Emporio Michelangelo - Volpi

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The matching of surfaces in glazed white and gold with the carved decorations enhance the profiles of dressers and bedside tables. The headboard is embellished with high quality damask fabrics and floral elements to enhance the capitonné upholstery.

Art ECLMC020S: Wooden bed surround – L.185 P.204 H.46 Kg.17 M3 0,25

Art ECLMC100: Chest of drawers – L.126 P.59 H.104 Kg.85 M3 1,10

Art ECLMC120: Mirror – L.102 P.6 H.115 Kg.17 M3 0,15

Art ECLMC010S: Padded headboard – L.199 P.8 H.162 Kg.26 M3 0,50 – Fabric: C618

Art 2182: 2 seat sofa – L.138 P.80 H.100 Kg.24,5 M3 1,20 – Fabric: C618

Art ECLMC110: Night table – L.64 P.42 H.63 Kg.22 M3 0,20

Art ECLMC200: 2 sliding door wardrobe – L.282 P.65 H.260 Kg.220 M3 3,00

Art ECLMC040: Night table lamp – Ø 33 H.64 Kg.2 M3 0,08

Art ECLMC030: Padded bench – L.119 P.50 H.50 Kg.19 M3 0,40 – Fabric: C618

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