Set bedroom Emporio Margherita - Volpi

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Lacquered white characterises the third collection of the Emporio Volpi range. Staying with classic tradition, Margherita stands out with a touch of simplicity, decorations in white and more basic lines.

Art ECLMA020S: Wooden bed surround – L.182 P.202 H.42 Kg.17 M3 0,25

Art ECLMA100: Chest of drawers – L.124 P.54 H.104 Kg.84 M3 1,10

Art ECLPE120: Mirror – L.104 P.9 H.91 Kg.22 M3 0,15

Art ECLMA010S: Padded headboard – L.199 P.8 H.152 Kg.26 M3 0,50 – Fabric: C346

Art ECLMA110: Night table – L.58 P.39 H.63 Kg.21 M3 0,20

Art ECLMA200: 3 sliding door wardrobe – L.282 P.65 H.250 Kg.225 M3 3,00

Art ECLMA040: Night table lamp – Ø 33 H.64 Kg.2 M3 0,08

Art ECLMA030: Padded bench – L.119 P.50 H.50 Kg.19 M3 0,40 – Fabric: C346

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