Mattress Leonardo Da Vinci Dual 12 - Magniflex


Da Vinci

The Da Vinci collection is inspired to Leonardo’s ingenuity, and owes him its name, but not only that. All the models join technique and comfort, thanks to the versatility of the Dual Core technology, which makes them suitable to any type of physique, and to the relaxing properties of mallow.

Data sheet

Height 30 cm
Cover Outlast®, Viscose
Warranty 12 years
Certifications OEKO, MADE IN ITALY, CE
Level of comfort Soft, Super soft
Internal structure Memoform, Magnifoam Elioform, Super Soft Fibre, Magnifoam Eliosoft, Mallow Foam
Collection Da Vinci
Benefits Thermo regulating, Extracomfort, Breathable, Embracing
Support Gentle
Extra Dual core Plate, World-class, MEDICAL DEVICE cert.

More info

  • Outlast/Viscose
  • Padding in Memoform 2 cm
  • Padding in Super Soft fiber
  • Mallow Foam 3 cm
  • Memoform 4 cm
  • Eliosoft 6 cm
  • Elioform 6 cm
  • Memoform 4 cm
  • Mallow Foam 3 cm