Mattress Leggenda Dual Comfort Anniversary - Magniflex



The Leggenda collection is the result of the company’s experience gained in over 50 years of making mattresses. All the models represent important achievements and provide relaxation solutions that, to this day, continue to improve people’s quality of sleep.

Data sheet

Height 30 cm
Cover Viscose
Warranty 12 years
Certifications OEKO, MADE IN ITALY, CE
Level of comfort Soft, Super soft
Internal structure Memoform, Magnifoam Elioform, Super Soft Fibre, Mallow Foam
Collection Leggenda
Benefits Thermo regulating, Extracomfort, Breathable, Embracing
Support Gentle
Extra Dual core Plate, World-class, MEDICAL DEVICE cert.

More info

  1. Super soft fibre padding on both sides
  2. Memoform padding 2 cm on both sides
  3. Hypoallergenic and breathable fibre padding
  4. Insulating TNT sheet
  5. Mallow Foam layer
  6. Elioform layer
  7. Memoform layer

The perfect mattress for couples who love gentle support but, owing to weight differences, do not perceive it in the same way. For extra gentle support on one side of the mattress there is a layer of extremely soft Mallow Foam which also releases relaxing properties and an additional soft layer sewn into the quilted cover. The two plates may be combined to provide a soft side and an ultra-soft side.

A Dual Core solution to perceive different degrees of softness.

  • Ideal for couples
  • If offer two sides of varying softness
  • Extra gentle body support thanks to mallow extracts with their calming and soothing effects