Bathroom Tiffany-Decoro-Farfalle - Giusti Portos



Giusti Portos

Tiffany bathroom cabinet in wood, gloss fuchsia finish, cat. A with Butterfly decoration and Fiocco metal handles in gold leaf finish, cat. C, single-block glass top in “pink” colour, complete with Retrò three hole faucets in brass
_Orlando mirrror in wood, gloss turquoise lacquer finish, cat. A
_Fiocco floor lamp in metal with 5 arms, base in gold leaf finish cat. C, arms in Pistacchio finish cat. B, lampshade in Luce/37 fabric cat. B with bows
_Muffin pouffe in wood, base in 1742/30 fabric cat. B and seat with pearls in fabric, cat. B
_Camille bookshelf with inner frame in wood, pistacchio finish cat. B, metal frame in gloss fuchsia lacquer finish, cat. A
_Arabesque bookshelf in wood, Pistacchio finish cat. B, curved frames and edges in fuchsia lacquer finish cat. A, front edge of the shelves in gold leaf finish, cat. C