Batroom Rimmel - Giusti Portos




Giusti Portos

Rimmel dressing table in wood, frame in gloss fuchsia finish, cat. A, drawer fronts in gloss turquoise finish cat. A, Fiocco metal handles and mirror supports in gold leaf finish, cat. C
_Muffin pouffe in wood, base in 1742/30 fabric cat. B and seat with pearls in Luce/39 fabric, cat. B
_Camille bookshelf with inner frame in wood, Pistacchio finish, cat. B, metal frame in gloss fuchsia lacquer finish, cat. A
_Fiocco floor lamp in metal with 5 arms, base in gold leaf finish, cat. C, arms in Pistacchio finish cat. B, lampshade in Luce/37 fabric, cat. A with bows
_Arabesque tallboy in wood with 4 drawers and 2 open compartments, frame in Pistacchio finish, cat. B, Fiocco metal handle in gold leaf finish, cat. C _Fiocco table lamp in metal, gold leaf finish cat. C, lampshade in Luce/37 fabric cat. A with bows