• WPC Fencing Black 2081-11 110mm

Prices per meter recliner              

Deliveries with two rooms on boards with boards prices 13,34€                                                                                    

WPC board in a wide variety of colors. The material requires no maintenance and has a high resistance to sun and water. It consists of 65% wood and 35% synthetic resin. It is exclusively mounted using special metal connectors and supports it in crossbars between 25 and 30 centimeters.

High technology products for outdoor use


  • Double-side                                                                                                               
  • Long life       
  • Virtually zero moisture absorption
  • Zero maintenance
  • Easy and fast placement
  • 100% recyclable
  • Resistance to sepsis and harmful organisms
  • Stability of dimensions
  • It looks and has a sense of wood
  • Production in every shape, dimension, and color
  • It can be screwed, nailed, planted and cut
  • such as wood

5-YEAR GUARANTEE THAT WPC:                      

  • It will not be affected by insects/bugs
  • It will not crack
  • He will not present spirits
  • He will not be sad
  • He will not stomach                                                 

WPC Fencing Black 2081-11 110mm

Product Code: WPC Περίφραξη Black 2081-11 110mm

Dimensions: L 2,900 x W 110
  • Price peer Plank: 13.34€ 
  • FALL OF STONE: 20mm
  • Usage views: Double-sided, Wide - Wide Without Clip
  • Category of Use: paling
  • Dimostse of Sanidas: 2900mm X 110mm
  • Area of ​​Sanidas: 0.319 m²
  • Supporting Plank: The maximum vertical distance of 80 cm
  • Warranty: 5 Years if the support specifications are met
  • 4.60€

  • All prices include VAT

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